Welcome to Ximension, welcome to the website of Willem Kuipers.
Do you happen to know extra intelligent or extra intense people, are you one of them or wondering about that? You may find here all kinds of information and possible actions to take your next step with more confidence.
I have enabled Google Translate to show the website also in French, German and Spanish. The orange switch is located at the bottom left of the pages. Please consider that the translation is not perfect, check the English text when in doubt.

What’s going on?

“It seems that various personal qualities remain hidden or unexpressed. Why?”
“I really want to know whether my intelligence is uncommon.”
“Good ideas, but lacking in communication and organizational sensitivity. This has really become unacceptable!”
“Why is my boss often acting rather stupid, and why are my predictions not taken seriously?”
“My child/partner seems to be gifted. Why does that make me feel uncomfortable and restless?”

These are the words of clients, their managers, of readers of my books or website.
They show distinct patterns, if you know where to look. Even though everyone’s story and everyone’s mix of personal qualities is different. It pertains to mixed feelings about being obviously or possibly different compared to “average” or “normal”. And it is about the awkward difference between expectations and results.

Ximension is helpful to the quest of finding answers and solutions for daily use.
It offers a perspective for a lasting improvement of personal effectiveness.
It invites you to come home to yourself, and to enjoy what you discover.

If you would like to know more about the definition and recognition of extra intelligence and intensity, or Xi for short, please click here.


I have developed the concept of extra intelligence, I have written books and articles about it and I describe on this website many aspects of being Xi on a large number of separate webpages under the Knowledge menu.
In my Blog I tell stories about my current experiences as a coach and about my latest thoughts on Xi.

Reading is one way to become more acquainted with the subject. Often is talking about it, or an oral explanation of specific themes, a faster road to putting the new knowledge into practice.
In the Coaching menu I explain why it is relevant to commit attention, time and money to the way you are currently dealing with your extra intelligence. You can contact me for a coaching session, either face-to-face in the Netherlands, or through Skype. In a Labyrinth session you have the opportunity for a meditative walk in a personal labyrinth that I have created on a beach.

About monthly my collegue Mechel Ensing and I organize a walk-in afternoon in Voorburg, where you can visit to meet us, or other visitors, ask questions, or browse through various literature. I can also give presentations on Xi or giftedness at your location or conference.

For over fifteen years I have been fascinated by labyrinths. I have built many temporary ones, designed new variations, developed knowledge about their energy pattern and given presentations at international conferences. Under the Labyrinths menu you can find all kinds of information, including photographs and how to draw one yourself.

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