Interaction during coaching sessions is mostly one-to-one; during activities it is usually many-to-many. It is a different form of information exchange, and it offers the opportunity to experience the diversity of XIPs in practice.


It is a remarkable experience that conversations between XIPs seem to happen in a different gear than they are used to in their daily practices. It is like not needing to slow down in your communications and getting more room to let yourself be seen as you really are. That is the magic of the Ximension space.

About monthly there is a walk-in afternoon that my collegue and I organize to offer an easy way of meeting us, asking some questions and meeting possibly other XIPs too. Please feel welcome.

I have been giving various presentations on Xi or giftedness and on labyrinths at international conferences. You can invite me to do so at your location or conference.

There are currently no English presentations planned.