Ximension as a space

Ximension is the dimension where being Xi goes without saying.

Meeting other XIPs is a characteristic aspect of participating in our activities as announced in this part of the website.
We often hear visitors commenting that they were surprised how easy it was to make contact with unknown others. And these interactions became rapidly intense and occurred at quite a pace, too.

That is the remarkable feature of meeting people who are intense, complex and driven, just like you. Or rather, in a different fashion than you, with other peculiarities, passions or daily activities. But it is a treat to be understood without the need for slowing down or repeating the ongoing exchange of views.

Of course not every XIP is a nice person, or to your personal liking, but quite often they trigger your curiosity. Enjoy their diversity!
As you may read more in detail on the page Acknowledge Ximension encountering other XIPs quite often is inspiring to acknowledge your own Xi or the Xi of your dear ones.

You may also notice that during presentations or workshops the exchange of information occurs at a higher pace, or with more intensity than you are used to. Time flies and full of impressions you return home.
It is something you may even get used to.