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It has taken a lot of time and effort, but finally my new English language version of the Ximension website is reaching completion. My intention has been to offer online information on my approach to help “uncommonly intelligent people”  coming home to themselves and enjoying what they discover.
Of course this information is more extensively given in my English book, Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon; Extra Intelligent, Intense, and Effective. But the subject is emotionally loaded and some people  – for good reasons – prefer to take it in slowly, or in well-defined slices, instead of jumping in for instant immersion. This website, and the extensive Knowledge part, helps to set your own pace in deciding what next.

Questions, questions! Answers?

Writing my book did not put an end to my curiosity about giftedness and Xi and their relation. As I already wrote five years ago, the themes of many articles on adult giftedness that appear these days can be already found ten, twenty or thirty years ago, including the urgent pleas to improve something about it. Why are there such tenacious issues and why are opinions on possible solutions often rather fixed.

Xi has been around as a concept for about twelve years in the Netherlands now, and was definitely introduced in the English language in 2007 through my article in the Advanced Development Journal: How to Charm Gifted Adults into admitting Giftedness; their Own and Somebody Else’s.
There are people who favour the Xi approach, and do not want to consider or denote themselves being gifted, and others are just as determined that formally established giftedness is the only viable approach and acknowledging one’s Xi is just being self-conceited.

So I have been reading and researching on possible reasons for both positions and why they may or may not  change. Can it be a matter of personality aspects, personal values, societal outlook? Having little to do with more knowledge about “the Gifted”, their educational issues, even their food, maybe?
On my Dutch website I have written blogs about my findings, while working on a new Dutch book on these subjects. It is too early to decide on writing another English book, but I intend to gradually translate and adapt some of these Dutch blogs for this website. As I would welcome reactions from an international audience too.

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