“If you’re so smart, why do you need a coach to explain you how to use your smarts? ”
“You are already a fast runner, why do you need a coach to help you prepare for the competitions?”

Are these examples similar to you, and do they feel equivalent too? Or is it relatively more self-evident that to run faster, given your built and specific qualities, you normally would ask a sports coach for guidance?

In my opinion, there are at least two reasons to commit attention, time and money to the way you are dealing with your own uncommon intelligence, your Xi.

  • Since having extra intelligence and intensity is uncommon, and XIPs vary widely in their specific qualities, there is little reference available on what is an optimal approach or direction for you.
    It is certainly not uncommon to lose one’s bearings, even while trying hard not to. Taking that extra effort to ask for relevant feedback on your situation helps to reorient yourself and make up your mind.
  • How to be aware of all your assets and use them to the max? When you are exploring your own uncommon assets and stretching your borders, it is practical to have someone around who is well versed in these processes. And preferably someone who is independent, who has extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge on the subject of Xi, and gives advice that is tailored to your situation.



In the submenu I go into more detail about the various circumstances where coaching may be helpful to clarify your situation and possible courses of action.
You are welcome to come to Voorburg, the Netherlands, for a face-to-face coaching session, but that may not be practical given your question or actual location. I also offer Skype sessions.

To give you an idea about what a coaching session with me will be like, read here.
A labyrinth session is a meditative walk in the tailor-made personal labyrinth that I have laid out on a beach. It usually offers new insights, encouragement or acceptance about your possible courses of action.
Information about the fee and way of payment for my services can be found here.