My basic price for individuals is based on a fee per hour of €121,- (about $125,-) including 21% VAT.
This fee applies to the duration of our conversation, and possibly to some of my preparation time, extended email exchanges or telephone calls, and to the time needed for writing a report, if requested.
However, for all those mentioned possible situations, the fee will only be charged if that was agreed upon in advance.

Our basic price for clients whose sessions are paid for by their companies is based on a fee per hour of €120,- excluding 21% VAT. That is, if these companies are based in the Netherlands and have VAT liability.

We can make arrangements about sessions somewhere in the Netherlands. In that case there may be travel costs involved.

For single coaching sessions, I confirm the (range of the) costs in advance.
For a series of sessions, I make a proposal with the costs specified. These series are always custom-made, due to the diversity of XIPs and their specific needs in the series.