Skype or visit?

If you would like to engage in a conversation with me, you have the choice of meeting me in or near Voorburg, the Netherlands, or of having a virtual meeting with me through Skype.
Meeting me in person has the advantage of being in the same room and exchanging more easily various printed information while talking. But if travel time and costs are prohibitive, or if you prefer a relatively short exchange, Skype is a practical and feasible alternative.

Skype process

If you are interested in Skype coaching, please contact me through the contact form first, and include some information on what you intend to obtain through the coaching.
Next step is an appointment for a short free try out conversation using Skype, for mutual introduction, assessment of the aim of the coaching and a test of the connection.

If we agree to continue, the next conversation has a coaching fee of Euro 121 per hour (approximately US$ 125 per hour). The length of the conversation is decided upon by mutual agreement, and the fee is calculated in steps of 10 minutes.
After each conversation, a PayPal invoice will be emailed, which can be paid through PayPal-account or Creditcard and has to be paid promptly.

If needed, I can read in advance emailed documents, profiles, etc. that are relevant to the coaching.
Also, if we use certain of my career instruments, I need to take some time to study your emailed results. I will indicate in advance whether there is a fee, and what the fee for this preparation time is. It usually takes me half an hour or less.

Please assert your very right to be fully responsible yourself for your well-being during our conversations and for the choices and decisions you make in connecton to the subjects discussed.