Why a session?

This website offers a lot of information on extra intelligence and on the challenges that XIPs face. Of course my book Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon is a far more extensive source.
However, discussing your own situation is very different from reading about it. In a personal session we concentrate on your specific situation and discuss your questions and possible uncertainties about being Xi. We can investigate how you are Xi, or how you can improve the expression of your Xi. You get direct and clear answers if so possible. It is also good to be aware that some people learn quicker and more intense while interacting with someone, than while reading on their own. If that’s you, there is another good reason to take the opportunity to be in direct contact.

In our conversations you can have access as needed to the various career instruments that I have developed to offer comparative language on the different facets of your specific Xidentity. Both the instruments and our interaction on your results bring subjects and information to the surface, that can be very relevant to your situation and questions.
Multiple sessions have the advantage of allowing for a structured approach to your questions of personal effectiveness and the impact of being an XIP on your career. Between the sessions you can practice what was discussed, and we can reflect together on the results in the next session.


Typical qualities of conversations with Willem Kuipers are:
Intensity: He likes to come to the essence quickly, even with complex issues. He is firm and careful when emotions are involved.
Knowledge: He is very knowledgable on the subject of extra intelligence and the many reasons why its expression may become hampered. He is used to explaining it in a clear fashion, both in writing and in conversations.
Empathy: Because he is an XIP himself, and because he is empathic, he is quick to understand your spoken and unspoken explanations.
Precision: He is used to aim for tailor-made solutions as XIPs are a very diverse population.
Experience: He has been coaching XIPs for almost 15 years and has developed various tools that are specifically geared to the needs of XIPs.