Acknowledge Ximension

…a higher gear…

It is a common experience of XIPs – sometimes to their astonishment or even embarrassment – that the interaction with other XIPs has a special quality to it. It is like accelerating and shifting into higher gear when picking up speed. It is often combined with a feeling of extra sensory input.
Conversation becomes faster and more intense; mutual inspiration and association often follow. (By the way, the opposite can happen too, and just as intensely.) It occurs with colleagues at work and with complete strangers, young and old, male or female, with unexpectedly interesting meetings at parties and presentations or while travelling.

…but normal here…

It has undoubtedly something to do with these characteristic qualities of intensity, complexity and drive of XIPs. They have a high level input of information coming from their senses, they process all this information rapidly and simultaneously, and they long to express all their findings, if possible, to their environment. When meeting other XIPs the interaction becomes immediately more multifaceted and more intense than with normal intelligent people.

But probably the most important aspect is the experience that one XIP can behave normally with the other. No need to slow down one’s pace of thinking, to simplify conceptual complexity, or to mask one’s intensity of feelings. What is usually extra somewhere else is normal here.

Some time ago, I have come up with a term to describe these situations: Ximension.


  • Ximension is the dimension where being Xi goes without saying. It is an extra aspect of the living space of XIPs, geared to the “extra” of their extra intelligence;
  • In Ximension practical and embodied knowledge about the qualities of XIPs is available, without judgment about their quantitative aspect.
    Therefore Ximension is a safe haven for inquiring about one’s “uncommonness” and comparing it with others’;
  • Ximension is a place to stock up and recharge before returning to the normal world to live and express oneself amidst XIPs and non-XIPs alike.
    It is not a conservation area, where one can retreat to indefinitely;
  • Ximension can be seen as a physical environment, but also as a state of mind.


Supporting personal development

In the setting of Ximension it is well recognized and accepted that XIPs often need to overcome certain inner barriers to perceive, acknowledge and bring into practice their own special qualities. Some XIPs just need feedback on and affirmation of their own suspicions about their Xi, while others definitely need help to come out of their own shadow.
Many XIPs are more ready to accept their own being Xi after their experience of the unusual quality of interaction with others whom they consider obvious XIPs, in Ximension.

Actively facilitating moments and places of Ximension is one of the managerial tools to stimulate effectiveness and personal development of XIPs in organizations. The practical realization can take all kinds of form and visibility, depending on the organization and the number of XIPs possibly involved.

Ximension can also be created in the family, when there is support for the way we do things here, and for the diverse qualities of everybody’s Xi. See also the page on Xinasty.