Apply Xi

The first Practice, Acknowledging Xi, is by no means simple, but is in a way quite straightforward. The issue is relatively clear, although everyone’s personal angle on it is different. By consequence it may take relatively little or enormous effort to truly acknowledge being an XIP and enjoying Ximension.

The second Practice, Exploring Xi, is a more complex issue because of the different facets of Xidentity and their various aspects. It takes a conscious effort to make the investigation and it takes personal courage for an XIP to face the results, both one’s personal fragility and one’s specific uncommon power.

One might think the third Practice is just the application of the knowledge of the first and second Practice: One acknowledges having extra intelligence, one knows one’s particular strengths and weaknesses, let’s apply this knowledge and everything will work out fine!

Nevertheless, the third Practice is about applying one’s extra intelligence and that complicates the issue and may decrease expected effectiveness. The “extra” part may involve expressing something uncommon and there are no standard recipes for that.


Thus the various pages of this submenu are not a comprehensive set of issues about applying Xi. It is inevitably a work in progress to find out what applying your Xi means to you. For instance:

Excellence is not a product; it involves a process of stretching your limits and venturing into new territory with only a sketch for a map.
There are remarkable differences in the public visibility of XIP’s way of expression. Do you recognize yourself in the description of a Superstar, a Striver, or an Independent?
What motivates you more: obtaining a well-defined result or becoming more proficient in your profession?
Do people praise you for your intelligence, or for your making an effort? Read more about two different Mindsets.
Walking a labyrinth helps to become more aware of limiting convictions or stagnation in your expression, so you can become more succesful in your efforts to change them.