Explore Xi

The first Practice, Acknowledging Xi, makes clear whether someone is uncommon, i.e., extra intelligent. The next question is: How is someone uncommon or Xi? Because there are so many possible forms of Xi, XIPs often discover only gradually what their specific variety of being uncommon is about.
The second Practice, Exploring Xi, addresses this question through the discovery of one’s Xidentity (a combination of the words Xi and identity).

Xidentity is a collection of nine characteristic facets of extra intelligence that mutually influence each other. These nine facets can be used as focal points to achieve clarity about how someone is Xi.

It is important to have a clear awareness about someone’s Xidentity: It offers knowledge about one’s unique possibilities, one’s vulnerabilities and one’s risks of becoming imbalanced or bogged down.
Xidentity specifies what kind of power and fragility one needs to manage. Using the power helps XIPs to express themselves in all their qualities. Taking their fragilities into proper account helps XIPs to make that expression sustainable, and contributes to personal development and well-being.


In the submenu of EXPLORE XI, as shown left, I offer answers to questions like:

  • The model of Xidentity;
  • The nine facets in brief.

For a more detailed explanation, I refer to my book Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon.