Classical labyrinth

Classical labyrinth

A labyrinth is a meandering path, corresponding to a very old rhythmic structure or pattern.
Walking a labyrinth helps to focus on personal themes and to come to new insights, but also to come to rest and enjoyment.

Since 1999, I walk, build, draw and design labyrinths, preferably in the open, scenic air. From the beginning I was interested in finding out why this pattern is so special and has been offering significant value to all kinds of people through the centuries.
Since 2007 they have become a regular element in my coaching activities. I have used its structure and meaning in my books, and – if this is suitable – I make a personal labyrinth for a client on the beach in a so-called labyrinth session.
In this part of the website you may find specific information on labyrinths and on my involvement with them.


For more information about the ins and outs of the Classical / Cretan labyrinth, click here.
I use the labyrinth in various ways as part of an individual coaching process, and explain this here.
It’s quite easy and a very rewarding experience to draw your own labyrinth.
My Photo Gallery shows various pictures of my labyrinth activities, from the early rope labyrinths, via digged beach labyrinths to the personal labyrinths on the beach, enjoy the pictures!
Two pages expand on my research on the theoretical foundations of the classical labyrinth: a page about the very well-balanced cadence of the labyrinth, and one about the masculine and feminine energies that appear in a labyrinth and interact with you while walking. Another result of my research is the Labyrinth of Expression, as described in the knowledge section on Applying Xi.
In 2001 I designed two new variations of the classical labyrinth: the You-and-Me labyrinth and the Four Winds labyrinth. I use them both for specific occasions. They are fun and ritual in one.

And finally, the page Willem and labyrinths offers an impression of my various activities and experiences through the years with this wonderful gift that has been available to us for the last 3500 years or more.