A theme to grow into

Are you an XIP, extra intelligent, extra intense, or gifted? How relevant, helpful and accurate is such an indication, such a label for you nowadays? As you may feel reluctant to apply this label to yourself or to others, you may also feel that you don’t want to talk about it anymore after a while. Compare it to cancelling your … ….. read on

Objective and Subjective:

What’s my Perspective? While there are similarities in the approach both to the theme of giftedness and of extra intelligence (Xi), most differences can be related to the chosen perspective: Do you prefer objectively verifiable statements, even about yourself, or do you find it stimulating to use your own sensory experiences as a reference. In this blog I will compare … ….. read on

A Manual Helps

Suppose you buy a nice new piece of electronics, recommended by your friends or the media: unparalleled function and quality! At home, you remove its packaging; let the show begin! But unfortunately, it’s not working, or only partly. While one asks friends or experts, another starts searching for the manual, a third keeps on pressing all buttons, and a fourth … ….. read on

Let there be complexity

For me, complexity is normal: I’m used to e.g. view and understand important issues from many perspectives, and to gather and interpret information with respect to my interactions at different levels. But it also works the other way around: I am not only able to handle complexity, I need it too. Without complexity my work feels fragmented or superficial and … ….. read on

XIPs at their workplace

A preference to conform? XIPs learn quite early in their lives – sometimes even before they go to school – how to deal with the apparent differentness of their environment. These are emotional choices, whether to stand out more or to blend into the background. Many conclude, either consciously or otherwise, that they are better off not being labelled highly … ….. read on

Xi and Giftedness

Xi and giftedness offer differing perspectives on uncommonly intelligent people. Objectively or subjectively Whether someone is, or isn’t gifted, is usually confirmed by an external authority, according to a specific norm (98th percentile score on a formally accredited IQ-test), and possibly other formal requirements. The basic aim is an objective diagnosis by an authorised professional. Whether someone is, or isn’t extra … ….. read on

Superstars, Strivers, Independents

The categories of Marylou Streznewski In her book, Gifted Grownups, The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential, American author Marylou Streznewski broadly divides gifted individuals into three categories: superstars, strivers and independents. She devised these categories after interviewing 100 adults and adolescents who had previously achieved exceptionally high scores on their IQ tests Her ordering can be used for recognition of … ….. read on

Acknowledge Ximension

…a higher gear… It is a common experience of XIPs – sometimes to their astonishment or even embarrassment – that the interaction with other XIPs has a special quality to it. It is like accelerating and shifting into higher gear when picking up speed. It is often combined with a feeling of extra sensory input. Conversation becomes faster and more … ….. read on

The asset behind the nuisance

Since extra intelligence is by definition extra, XIPs who do their thing will attract special attention. The possible irritation or perplexity of their environment is usually linked to the relatively extra of whatever is happening. Almost always certain patterns will emerge, due to XIP’s characteristic intensity, complexity and drive. These patterns were marked by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen in her book “The … ….. read on

Superhuman or extra intelligent

One of the greatest obstacles to the recognition of extra intelligent people is the mysterious qualities and extreme rarity that many people (including parents) associate with uncommon intelligence. Often it is either a kind of child-prodigy–assumption, like Mozart, or a comparison with other long-gone icons like Einstein and Madame Curie. The people that technically can live up to those expectations … ….. read on