A labyrinth for individual coaching

I can use the labyrinth in various ways as part of an individual coaching process. Walk your own labyrinth Usually as an element in a series of coaching sessions, the client and me choose a sandy location, e.g. a beach to go to. There I draw a labyrinth with my rake, following the clients preferences with regard to location, orientation, … ….. read on


My basic price for individuals is based on a fee per hour of €121,- (about $125,-) including 21% VAT. This fee applies to the duration of our conversation, and possibly to some of my preparation time, extended email exchanges or telephone calls, and to the time needed for writing a report, if requested. However, for all those mentioned possible situations, … ….. read on

Labyrinth session

Sometimes the brightest insights come to you during a walk: the rhythmic, quiet movement in nature relaxes the firmness of your convictions, creating an opportunity for a new vision on the subject. Tenacious frames of mind about your preferred career, or the unattainability of it, suddenly seem to be changeable or dismissible after all. That is a relief and it … ….. read on

Skype or visit?

If you would like to engage in a conversation with me, you have the choice of meeting me in or near Voorburg, the Netherlands, or of having a virtual meeting with me through Skype. Meeting me in person has the advantage of being in the same room and exchanging more easily various printed information while talking. But if travel time … ….. read on

Coaching session

In various possible situations you may benefit from one or more coaching sessions with me, whether face-to-face, or through Skype. You have read all kinds of information on giftedness and extra intelligence, and are recognizing a lot. But you have still doubts about whether this “condition” is really applicable to you and/or what it could mean to your life and … ….. read on

Why a session?

This website offers a lot of information on extra intelligence and on the challenges that XIPs face. Of course my book Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon is a far more extensive source. However, discussing your own situation is very different from reading about it. In a personal session we concentrate on your specific situation and discuss your questions and … ….. read on

About Willem

Born in 1952. Urban child that gradually learned how important people, nature and spaciousness are for his well-being. The space inside yourself and inside the other, the space of the natural world of beaches, dunes and polders, of sea, sand, sky and sun. Personal development I studied mathematical engineering at Delft University and graduated in 1979. Seven years later I … ….. read on


“If you’re so smart, why do you need a coach to explain you how to use your smarts? ” “You are already a fast runner, why do you need a coach to help you prepare for the competitions?” Are these examples similar to you, and do they feel equivalent too? Or is it relatively more self-evident that to run faster, … ….. read on