Coping with Solitude

In this blog I explore different perspectives on dealing with solitude for the Gifted and extra intelligent people (XIPs). My question is: Does a different perspective lead to different feelings and is that helpful? When I look up “solitude” in a dictionary, I find: 1.   the state or situation of being alone. 2.   a lonely or uninhabited place. Various perspectives … ….. read on

Welcome your Intensity

I like to use the characterization of gifted people by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen: They are uncommonly intense, complex and driven. (See webpage.) That characterization can be easily extended to all XIPs: In fact, it can be used as a kind of universal way of identifying this specific “group”, whether their gifts/talents are in academic achievements, sports, arts, counselling, healthcare, management, or … ….. read on

Superstars, Strivers, Independents

The categories of Marylou Streznewski In her book, Gifted Grownups, The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential, American author Marylou Streznewski broadly divides gifted individuals into three categories: superstars, strivers and independents. She devised these categories after interviewing 100 adults and adolescents who had previously achieved exceptionally high scores on their IQ tests Her ordering can be used for recognition of … ….. read on

Such a diversity

The left diagram shows the Gaussian- or normal distribution curve, representing the statistical distribution of IQ scores for a given test. The height of the curve above the IQ score on the horizontal axis indicates how many people have such an IQ score, proportionally. The top of the curve, which correlates to the relatively largest number of people, is defined … ….. read on

XIPs in their personal sphere

One’s family as a reference Because intelligence is, to a large degree, hereditary, parents, children, brothers, sisters, and grandparents are possibly just as intelligent as the XIP who is actively preoccupied with the topic. And yet acknowledge­ment is not always so obvious, because: Family tradition or gender prescribes a certain role; Everyone makes their own decisions concerning visibility of their … ….. read on

Why knowledge of Xi

Do you essentially identify with three or more of the following five character traits? Intellectually able, has a low tolerance for stupidity. Incurably inquisitive, always curious about what lies beyond the horizon. Needs autonomy, will utilize fight or flight when autonomy is threatened. Excessive zeal in pursuit of interests, does not like others to perform according to low standards. Unbalance … ….. read on

How to Charm Gifted Adults into Admitting Giftedness

How to Charm Gifted Adults into Admitting Giftedness: Their Own and Somebody Else’s is the title of an article by Willem Kuipers that was published in Volume 11, 2007 of the American journal ‘Advanced Development, a Journal on Adult Giftedness’. This refereed journal is published by The Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, Inc., a nonprofit research institution in … ….. read on

Ximension as a space

Ximension is the dimension where being Xi goes without saying. Meeting other XIPs is a characteristic aspect of participating in our activities as announced in this part of the website. We often hear visitors commenting that they were surprised how easy it was to make contact with unknown others. And these interactions became rapidly intense and occurred at quite a … ….. read on

Coaching session

In various possible situations you may benefit from one or more coaching sessions with me, whether face-to-face, or through Skype. You have read all kinds of information on giftedness and extra intelligence, and are recognizing a lot. But you have still doubts about whether this “condition” is really applicable to you and/or what it could mean to your life and … ….. read on


Interaction during coaching sessions is mostly one-to-one; during activities it is usually many-to-many. It is a different form of information exchange, and it offers the opportunity to experience the diversity of XIPs in practice. Tour It is a remarkable experience that conversations between XIPs seem to happen in a different gear than they are used to in their daily practices. … ….. read on