An XIP in full view

For many years I have been searching for ways to extend the concept of imaginal thinking to other forms of “sensorial thinking”. I know many XIPs who are not very proficient in their visual information processing, but clearly prefer to think in ways that are comparable to imaginal thinking, using other sensorial input. And because they are XIPs, they do … ….. read on

A theme to grow into

Are you an XIP, extra intelligent, extra intense, or gifted? How relevant, helpful and accurate is such an indication, such a label for you nowadays? As you may feel reluctant to apply this label to yourself or to others, you may also feel that you don’t want to talk about it anymore after a while. Compare it to cancelling your … ….. read on

How to Learn Intensely

Many XIPs have an innate preference for a specific mode of taking in and processing information without being aware of this. Their environment usually offers information in a certain mode, which may or may not provide an adequate fit for them. One may compare the results to having to listen, think and speak in your mother tongue, or in your … ….. read on

To Expect or to Wonder?

This blog is written with a first person narrator: While writing, I noticed that the tone improved when I kept it to myself. I suppose and hope that makes it easier to recognize. Expectations I have become aware how much I’ve always struggled with expectations: Other people’s expectations and my own. The struggle starts when the expectation has not been … ….. read on

Performance or Mastery

Although having an unusual drive is part of the profile of XIPs, this drive should be underlain with motivation of some kind. In fact, if an XIP is not motivated to do something, the innate drive turns against him/her and results in a depressing feeling of inadequacy and meaninglessness. According to educational, as well as management theories, motivation can be … ….. read on

The three Practices

A few years ago, I realized that, – for decades already –  discussions about uncommonly high intelligence are very often connected with feelings of disappointment and rejection, and of both sides being the injured party: Disappointment about unused talents and lack of drive or results on one hand and feelings of being rejected, underestimated, thwarted or denied on the other … ….. read on

Why knowledge of Xi

Do you essentially identify with three or more of the following five character traits? Intellectually able, has a low tolerance for stupidity. Incurably inquisitive, always curious about what lies beyond the horizon. Needs autonomy, will utilize fight or flight when autonomy is threatened. Excessive zeal in pursuit of interests, does not like others to perform according to low standards. Unbalance … ….. read on

Presentations on demand

I like to present my ideas on extra intelligence / intensity, giftedness and on labyrinths. Of course many presentations on a variety op topics have been given in Dutch, as I live in the Netherlands, but I have presented abroad on these topics too e.g. at a SENG and a Dabrowski conference, and at Labyrinth Society Gatherings. The presentations are … ….. read on

Coaching session

In various possible situations you may benefit from one or more coaching sessions with me, whether face-to-face, or through Skype. You have read all kinds of information on giftedness and extra intelligence, and are recognizing a lot. But you have still doubts about whether this “condition” is really applicable to you and/or what it could mean to your life and … ….. read on