An XIP in full view

For many years I have been searching for ways to extend the concept of imaginal thinking to other forms of “sensorial thinking”. I know many XIPs who are not very proficient in their visual information processing, but clearly prefer to think in ways that are comparable to imaginal thinking, using other sensorial input. And because they are XIPs, they do … ….. read on

A theme to grow into

Are you an XIP, extra intelligent, extra intense, or gifted? How relevant, helpful and accurate is such an indication, such a label for you nowadays? As you may feel reluctant to apply this label to yourself or to others, you may also feel that you don’t want to talk about it anymore after a while. Compare it to cancelling your … ….. read on

Xi and Giftedness

Xi and giftedness offer differing perspectives on uncommonly intelligent people. Objectively or subjectively Whether someone is, or isn’t gifted, is usually confirmed by an external authority, according to a specific norm (98th percentile score on a formally accredited IQ-test), and possibly other formal requirements. The basic aim is an objective diagnosis by an authorised professional. Whether someone is, or isn’t extra … ….. read on

Such a diversity

The left diagram shows the Gaussian- or normal distribution curve, representing the statistical distribution of IQ scores for a given test. The height of the curve above the IQ score on the horizontal axis indicates how many people have such an IQ score, proportionally. The top of the curve, which correlates to the relatively largest number of people, is defined … ….. read on