Willem and Xi

About thirteen years ago, I “invented” the short form Xi for extra intelligence and started using it. That choice proved to be constructive and it has offered to many uncommonly intelligent people a practicable starting point to understand themselves better and tell others about their findings. Annelien van Kempen and me had been using the term of “extra intelligent people” … ….. read on

How to Charm Gifted Adults into Admitting Giftedness

How to Charm Gifted Adults into Admitting Giftedness: Their Own and Somebody Else’s is the title of an article by Willem Kuipers that was published in Volume 11, 2007 of the American journal ‘Advanced Development, a Journal on Adult Giftedness’. This refereed journal is published by The Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, Inc., a nonprofit research institution in … ….. read on

Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon: Extra Intelligent, Intense, and Effective

Quite often uncommon competence, creativity and drive remain hidden or partially used by its owners. Do they perceive the gift of being uncommon as a millstone instead of an enjoyment? This book introduces and illustrates three practices for Extra Intelligent People (XIPs) to become more effective in their work and private life, for their own sake and for the sake … ….. read on


I love reading and I love writing. As a child I could read for hours and verbal expression has always  fascinated me. At university I was secretary of a student board and wrote all kinds of things in the newsletters. To me, writing is a way to discover what I know and what I think about a subject. And when … ….. read on