To Expect or to Wonder?

This blog is written with a first person narrator: While writing, I noticed that the tone improved when I kept it to myself. I suppose and hope that makes it easier to recognize. Expectations I have become aware how much I’ve always struggled with expectations: Other people’s expectations and my own. The struggle starts when the expectation has not been … ….. read on

Mindset; phrase compliments carefully

How does it feel when people tell you how fortunate you are with your uncommonly high intelligence and your ease in accomplishing anything? Do you take your own mistakes very seriously? Do you think your own intelligence is more or less immutable, or do you think it can be changed by focused effort? Carol Dweck has been studying for more … ….. read on

Degree of Xi

It is easy to imagine that gradations of Xi exist. One person is, for example, structurally more curious than the other, or knows even fewer boundaries. In other words: extra intense, extra complex, and extra driven. The stronger the extra intelligence is, the more uncommon the XIP is, by definition, and most often, the more important a proper management of … ….. read on

A labyrinth for individual coaching

I can use the labyrinth in various ways as part of an individual coaching process. Walk your own labyrinth Usually as an element in a series of coaching sessions, the client and me choose a sandy location, e.g. a beach to go to. There I draw a labyrinth with my rake, following the clients preferences with regard to location, orientation, … ….. read on

Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon: Extra Intelligent, Intense, and Effective

Quite often uncommon competence, creativity and drive remain hidden or partially used by its owners. Do they perceive the gift of being uncommon as a millstone instead of an enjoyment? This book introduces and illustrates three practices for Extra Intelligent People (XIPs) to become more effective in their work and private life, for their own sake and for the sake … ….. read on

Presentations on demand

I like to present my ideas on extra intelligence / intensity, giftedness and on labyrinths. Of course many presentations on a variety op topics have been given in Dutch, as I live in the Netherlands, but I have presented abroad on these topics too e.g. at a SENG and a Dabrowski conference, and at Labyrinth Society Gatherings. The presentations are … ….. read on