The Inner Experience of Xi

In my previous blog, an XIP in full view, I explored how relevant it is to be aware of one’s way of processing sensorial information, and how this operates in a completely different manner compared to one’s way of rational information processing. The uncommonness of XIPs and gifted people expresses itself in both modalities, but the sensorial mode may be … ….. read on

Finding your Balance Between Gifted Verbal and Imaginal Thinking Across the Lifespan

Finding your Balance Between Gifted Verbal and Imaginal Thinking Across the Lifespan is the title of an article by Willem Kuipers that was published in Volume 18, 2019 of the American journal ‘Advanced Development, a Journal on Adult Giftedness’. This refereed journal is published by The Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, Inc., (ISAD) a nonprofit research institution in … ….. read on

An XIP in full view

For many years I have been searching for ways to extend the concept of imaginal thinking to other forms of “sensorial thinking”. I know many XIPs who are not very proficient in their visual information processing, but clearly prefer to think in ways that are comparable to imaginal thinking, using other sensorial input. And because they are XIPs, they do … ….. read on

How to Learn Intensely

Many XIPs have an innate preference for a specific mode of taking in and processing information without being aware of this. Their environment usually offers information in a certain mode, which may or may not provide an adequate fit for them. One may compare the results to having to listen, think and speak in your mother tongue, or in your … ….. read on

Imaginal / Verbal thinking

Imaginal thinking is thinking in a multi-dimen­sional associative structure of “images” in time and space. Often, the structure has visual aspects, hence the term imaginal thinking. The image can be connected to sounds, feelings or other sensory impressions. In that case imaginal thinking is an associative structure of experiences, perceptions or pieces of imagination. Imaginal thinking is the way of … ….. read on