Willem and labyrinths

Labyrinths entered my life about the same time as the subject of giftedness, around 1999. I was invited to walk one, and experienced then and there that my restless mind quieted down in the labyrinth. Since then I have built many labyrinths, usually temporary, preferably outdoors. They give an extra dimension to a location. They invite the visitor to enter, … ….. read on

Willem and Xi

About thirteen years ago, I “invented” the short form Xi for extra intelligence and started using it. That choice proved to be constructive and it has offered to many uncommonly intelligent people a practicable starting point to understand themselves better and tell others about their findings. Annelien van Kempen and me had been using the term of “extra intelligent people” … ….. read on

Presentations on demand

I like to present my ideas on extra intelligence / intensity, giftedness and on labyrinths. Of course many presentations on a variety op topics have been given in Dutch, as I live in the Netherlands, but I have presented abroad on these topics too e.g. at a SENG and a Dabrowski conference, and at Labyrinth Society Gatherings. The presentations are … ….. read on

Why a session?

This website offers a lot of information on extra intelligence and on the challenges that XIPs face. Of course my book Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon is a far more extensive source. However, discussing your own situation is very different from reading about it. In a personal session we concentrate on your specific situation and discuss your questions and … ….. read on

About Willem

Born in 1952. Urban child that gradually learned how important people, nature and spaciousness are for his well-being. The space inside yourself and inside the other, the space of the natural world of beaches, dunes and polders, of sea, sand, sky and sun. Personal development I studied mathematical engineering at Delft University and graduated in 1979. Seven years later I … ….. read on