Acknowledge Ximension

…a higher gear… It is a common experience of XIPs – sometimes to their astonishment or even embarrassment – that the interaction with other XIPs has a special quality to it. It is like accelerating and shifting into higher gear when picking up speed. It is often combined with a feeling of extra sensory input. Conversation becomes faster and more … ….. read on

Enjoying the Gift of Being Uncommon: Extra Intelligent, Intense, and Effective

Quite often uncommon competence, creativity and drive remain hidden or partially used by its owners. Do they perceive the gift of being uncommon as a millstone instead of an enjoyment? This book introduces and illustrates three practices for Extra Intelligent People (XIPs) to become more effective in their work and private life, for their own sake and for the sake … ….. read on

Presentations on demand

I like to present my ideas on extra intelligence / intensity, giftedness and on labyrinths. Of course many presentations on a variety op topics have been given in Dutch, as I live in the Netherlands, but I have presented abroad on these topics too e.g. at a SENG and a Dabrowski conference, and at Labyrinth Society Gatherings. The presentations are … ….. read on

Walk-in afternoon

About monthly Mechel Ensing-Wijn of ‘Beelddenkwerk‘ and I organize a Walk-in afternoon from 3 until 6:30 pm. An opportunity to meet us without making an appointment: As a first introduction, to obtain information on workshops, presentations or other activities, to look up various information on Imaginal Thinking and Extra Intelligence, to buy our books, or to be surprised by the … ….. read on

Ximension as a space

Ximension is the dimension where being Xi goes without saying. Meeting other XIPs is a characteristic aspect of participating in our activities as announced in this part of the website. We often hear visitors commenting that they were surprised how easy it was to make contact with unknown others. And these interactions became rapidly intense and occurred at quite a … ….. read on

About Willem

Born in 1952. Urban child that gradually learned how important people, nature and spaciousness are for his well-being. The space inside yourself and inside the other, the space of the natural world of beaches, dunes and polders, of sea, sand, sky and sun. Personal development I studied mathematical engineering at Delft University and graduated in 1979. Seven years later I … ….. read on


Interaction during coaching sessions is mostly one-to-one; during activities it is usually many-to-many. It is a different form of information exchange, and it offers the opportunity to experience the diversity of XIPs in practice. Tour It is a remarkable experience that conversations between XIPs seem to happen in a different gear than they are used to in their daily practices. … ….. read on