Coping with Solitude

In this blog I explore different perspectives on dealing with solitude for the Gifted and extra intelligent people (XIPs). My question is: Does a different perspective lead to different feelings and is that helpful? When I look up “solitude” in a dictionary, I find: 1.   the state or situation of being alone. 2.   a lonely or uninhabited place. Various perspectives … ….. read on

Too Much, or Just Right?

The theme intensity continues to intrigue me. Recently I was working on a presentation with the title: “Enjoying your extra intensity.” My attention was drawn by the original term for what has become known in English as “Overexcitability”. The Polish word used by Dabrowski “nadpobudliwość“ is more correctly translated as hyper- or superstimulatability. It is a diagnostic term in the … ….. read on


The novel concept of Xinasty is a combination of Xi and dynasty. A dynasty is a ruling family. By using the term Xinasty we want to convey the idea that there often appears to be an implicit prevailing notion about Xi within a family, including ancestors. Such a notion can work in a severely restrictive way regarding the acceptance of, … ….. read on

Male / female archetypes

Rigid role conceptions about masculine and feminine can act as a hindrance to expressing one’s Xidentity. Deep convictions of the family involved, as well as of their environment may lie at the foundation of this. Archetypes are useful in making these thinking and behavioural patterns more explicit. They provide some handles to seeing the direction in which a change can … ….. read on

Acknowledge Ximension

…a higher gear… It is a common experience of XIPs – sometimes to their astonishment or even embarrassment – that the interaction with other XIPs has a special quality to it. It is like accelerating and shifting into higher gear when picking up speed. It is often combined with a feeling of extra sensory input. Conversation becomes faster and more … ….. read on

XIPs in their personal sphere

One’s family as a reference Because intelligence is, to a large degree, hereditary, parents, children, brothers, sisters, and grandparents are possibly just as intelligent as the XIP who is actively preoccupied with the topic. And yet acknowledge­ment is not always so obvious, because: Family tradition or gender prescribes a certain role; Everyone makes their own decisions concerning visibility of their … ….. read on

Presentations on demand

I like to present my ideas on extra intelligence / intensity, giftedness and on labyrinths. Of course many presentations on a variety op topics have been given in Dutch, as I live in the Netherlands, but I have presented abroad on these topics too e.g. at a SENG and a Dabrowski conference, and at Labyrinth Society Gatherings. The presentations are … ….. read on