Too Much, or Just Right?

The theme intensity continues to intrigue me. Recently I was working on a presentation with the title: “Enjoying your extra intensity.” My attention was drawn by the original term for what has become known in English as “Overexcitability”. The Polish word used by Dabrowski “nadpobudliwość“ is more correctly translated as hyper- or superstimulatability. It is a diagnostic term in the … ….. read on

Welcome your Intensity

I like to use the characterization of gifted people by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen: They are uncommonly intense, complex and driven. (See webpage.) That characterization can be easily extended to all XIPs: In fact, it can be used as a kind of universal way of identifying this specific “group”, whether their gifts/talents are in academic achievements, sports, arts, counselling, healthcare, management, or … ….. read on

Extra receptivity

It is a fact that extra intelligent people experience life in an unusually intense manner: They are extremely interested in new developments, very concerned with others, or just as strongly introverted, have an outspoken taste in food, clothing or interior design, an extremely vivid imagination, exceptional or extremely outspoken ideas, and so on. The average environment considers all this somewhat … ….. read on